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Heritage Tasmania

'Protecting Tasmania's Historic Environment'

Tasmania is a beautiful and historic place. It has a fine collection of early and notable places of historic heritage significance. Our role is to work with heritage owners, the wider Tasmanian community and across government to ensure Tasmania's historic heritage places are valued, protected and well managed.

Heritage Tasmania has three core roles: co-ordinating historic heritage strategy and activity for the State Government; supporting the Tasmanian Heritage Council to implement the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995; and facilitating the development of the historic heritage sector.

Heritage Tasmania is part of the Department of Primary Industry, Parks, Water and Environment, and along with the Heritage Council is a key element of the Resource Management and Planning System that fulfils statutory responsibilities under the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995.

We have a street front office in central Hobart at 103 Macquarie Street, a Northern field office in the Public Buildings at 53 St John Street, Launceston and employ a range of professional and administrative staff, including archaeologists, architects, historians and administrators.

Our services include the Registration, Works, Funding, Communications and Executive Services Programs. For further information on these services or historic heritage you can explore this website, email: enquiries@heritage.tas.gov.au or call 1300 850 332 for a local call cost.

To receive regular email updates on events, grants or information on historic heritage you can also subscribe to our regular e-bulletin by emailing us at: enquiries@heritage.tas.gov.au.

Pete Smith