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Tasmanian Heritage Council

The Tasmanian Heritage Council came into existence in 1997, following the proclamation of the Historic Cultural Heritage Act 1995. The Council is made up of councillors, representing diverse community and professional interests including property owners, farmers and graziers, conservation interests and areas of expertise such as history, architecture, archaeology, engineering and tourism.

A copy of its Membership Policy is now available to download.

The Heritage Council is a statutory body separate to government responsible for the administration of the Act and the establishment of the Tasmanian Heritage Register.  Its primary task is as a resource management and planning body, focused on heritage conservation issues.  As such, any development on heritage listed places require the approval of the Heritage Council before works can commence.

Click on the names listed below to access a brief profile on each.

Council Members

Ms Brett Torossi Chairperson
Ms Michele Moseley Alternate to the Director National Parks and Wildlife (South)
Mr Peter Romey A person with expertise in architecture (NSW)
Dr Stuart King Representing - Heritage conservation interests (North)
Dr Kathryn Evans Person with expertise in history (South)
Mr Alex van der Hek Representing - Community interests (South)
Ms Amanda Roberts Person representing the National Trust (South)
Mr Frazer Read Representing - Building development industry (South)
Ms Carol Bacon Person representing the mining industry with expertise in mining heritage (South)
Mr David Gatenby Person representing the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (North)
Ms Sarah Lebski Person representing the Tourism Council of Tasmania (North)
Rev Roger Hesketh Person representing the Tasmanian Council of Churches (North)
Ms Denise Gaughwin Person with expertise in archaeology (North)
Mr Robin McKendrick Person representing the Local Government Association of Tasmania (South)
Ms Danielle Grey Person with expertise in planning nominated by the Local Government Association of Tasmania (South)

Dates and minutes of meetings

The Tasmanian Heritage Council holds monthly meetings. The Works Application Assessment Committee (a subcommittee of the Heritage Council) meets fortnightly. Minutes are available below. For copies of minutes prior to 2013 contact Heritage Tasmania on 6165 3700.

Minutes 2014

Meeting dates and minutes for 2015

Tasmanian Heritage Council Works Committee Registration Committee
  21 January  
18 February   2 February
18 March 4 March 2 March
30 March
15 April 29 April  
20 May 27 May 4 May
17 June   1 June
15 July 8 July
22 July
19 August   10 August
16 September   7 September
21 October 7 October
28 October
18 November 11 November
25 November
2 November
16 December 9 December
23 December
7 December