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Two Tree Point listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register


The Tasmanian Heritage Council has provisionally listed Two Tree Point at Bruny Island on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

This place is important because it is an early European landing site within Australia, and demonstrates the evolution of Tasmania's history.

Both Captain James Cook and Captain William Bligh replenished their supplies of fresh water from Resolution Creek at Two Tree Point.

It has been speculated that both Cook and Bligh named Two Trees Point during their visits in 1777 and 1792 respectively. However, no actual evidence exists to support this theory since neither documented this in their journals or charts.

Although it is not known whether the two trees on the point were standing at the time of these early European visits, it is known that in 1792 William Bligh spent two weeks on the ship the Providence at Adventure Bay. During this time a member of the ships crew, Lieutenant George Tobin, produced a series of watercolours of the place.

One of these pictures, 'In Adventure Bay, Van Diemen's Land', shows a point with two trees on it. These trees look very like younger versions of the two trees that currently stand there.

It has not been established conclusively that the two trees are those painted by Tobin. However, the two existing trees and their setting on the point correspond closely with the historical imagery of this early landing site, as depicted by Tobin.

This area has changed little since 1792, and is evocative of the landscape that would have been experienced by 18th century European visitors to Tasmania.
Two Tree Point, Bruny Island


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