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Australian Convict Sites - World Heritage Success

Australian Convict Sites World Heritage ListingThe Tasmanian Government is very proud to announce that five of our most important and highly significant convict sites have been inscribed on the World Heritage List as part of the 11 sites included in the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage serial nomination lodged with UNESCO by the Australian Government in January 2008.

The description and statement of outstanding universal values that make up the inscription can be found here.

The Tasmanian Convict Sites in the World Heritage listing include the Brickendon-Woolmers Estates near Longford; the Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart; the Coal Mines Historic Site and the Port Arthur Historic Site on the Tasman Peninsula; and the Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island on Tasmania's East Coast.

Each of these Tasmanian places are already recognised and protected for having outstanding heritage values at a State and a National level, and have been entered on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, as well as the National Heritage List.

The remaining six sites includes, four sites in New South Wales: the Old Government House and Domain, Hyde Park Barracks, the Great North Road and the Cockatoo Island Convict Site; the Fremantle Gaol in Western Australia; and the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area on Norfolk Island.

Each of the five Tasmania sites help tell a unique part of the wider convict story:

David O'Byrne MP, Minister for Environment, Parks and Heritage:

"Obtaining World Heritage recognition of the importance of our convict past at an international level is a significant milestone. Interest in Australia's convict past recognizes our State's establishment as an early convict settlement and its growth to become a contemporary place, with an abundance of natural and cultural heritage assets and more than a few good stories to tell."

"Forced penal migration had a particular impact on Tasmania because of its sheer scale in relation to the general population and its impact on the landscape. It's therefore of no surprise that nearly half of the listed sites are in this state. This is a major part of the story of Tasmania and something that has considerable appeal to locals and visitors alike, especially as they can increasingly connect with their ancestors and visit the actual places where they arrived, lived and worked. Many Australians seek to connect with their convict ancestors."

"Visiting these and other important convict sites here in Tasmania and elsewhere helps to provide tremendous insight into the lives and conditions that convicts endured, and the many opportunities that they took up. This listing validates the extraordinary tale of the convict way of life and tells the story to a global and an Australian audience. It also marks an important and ongoing collaboration between the site owners and managers, their volunteers and staff, and the many people that have worked behind the scenes to achieve this terrific result."

"World Heritage inscription of the Australian Convict Sites is an important milestone that recognizes Tasmania as an historic environment, with numerous places of local, state, national and World Heritage significance. Letís mark and celebrate this success and use the opportunity to build on this outstanding achievement, and the work of numerous property owners, historians and others, to ensure that all places of heritage significance are protected and managed in a sound and appropriate manner, to help tell the wider story of the State of Tasmania."

Your guide to Tasmaniaís World Heritage convict sites

Your guide to Tasmaniaís World Heritage convict sites

Useful links

On World Heritage List inscription: http://whc.unesco.org/
On the World Heritage nomination: http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/places/world/nominations/convict-sites/index.html
On the National Heritage List: http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/publications/about/convict-sites.html

To access each site's entries in the Tasmanian Heritage Register, go to the site of specific interest:

Site specific information is also available at: