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Conservation Plans

A Conservation Plan is recognised as the primary guiding document for the conservation and future use of a place.

The main objective of the Conservation Plan is to ensure that all future decisions about a place are carried out with regard to its cultural heritage significance.

The Tasmanian Heritage Council may, on occasion, recommend or require a Conservation Plan be prepared or updated to guide current or future works to a place on the Tasmanian Heritage Register.

The Conservation Plan should be presented in a manner which is suitable for use by the Tasmanian Heritage Council, conservation practitioners, the interested public and by owners and occupiers who may not be familiar with conservation policy and practice.

Background information should include:

The Conservation Plan should be carried out in accordance with guidelines and principles of:

It is essential to understand and have regard for The Burra Charter Process.

Reference should be made to;

An informative guide to preparing Conservation Plans is available from the Heritage Council of Western Australia's Conservation Plan, Study Brief: Introduction to Conservation Plans.

The Tasmanian Heritage Council will not normally endorse a Conservation Plan, although it will have regard for the content and recommendations of such a plan.

Persons wishing to undertake work are encouraged to contact Heritage Tasmania for advice.